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Transitioning Your Wardrobe from Summer to Fall

Posted by Taylor Landis on

The most difficult season to dress for is not even really a season at all; but that awkward period between summer and fall. The weather changes dramatically from day to day, and living in the south, it can be difficult to dress for fall when it's still 85 degrees during the day. So, here's a few helpful hints to help you plan a few outfits during that transition period. 


Add some fall colors to your outfits. Orange, red, and yellow are good choices for bright colors. If you would rather wear more neutral colors, go with olive or burgundy. This particular plaid top would also pair perfectly with a knit scarf for chillier days. Don't forget to accessorize with some of these fall colors as well. 

Wear layers! Add a lightweight, neutral color cardigan, sweater, or jacket to a dress, tank top, or t-shirt for the perfect fall look. On a warmer day, you can always take off layers. 

Add lightweight sweaters to your outfit choices. It;s also a good time to wear long-sleeve shirts or sweaters with shorts. This brings in some fall fashion components, and you won't overheat on those warmer days. 

Lightweight sweaters with a skirt is always a cute and dressier option as well. 

It's bootie season!! Wear booties with dresses or jeans to complete the perfect fall outfit. This in between period is also a good time to wear sandals with pants and jeans. The sandals add a little bit of a summer component to a fall outfit, and help keep you cooler on those warm, early fall days. 

This outfit combination perfectly mixes in fall colors to a lightweight outfit that won't result in you sweating through a warmer fall day. Jumpsuits, pants, and maxi skirts and dresses are also some really cute outfit options for that summer to fall transition period. 

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