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8 TV Shows to Watch this Summer

Posted by Hayley Martin on

Summer is great for outdoor activities, but at the end of a long day it’s nice to sit on the couch and watch TV. Whether you’re relaxing alone, or chilling with friends, it’s fun to watch a great show. You might be familiar with #whatshouldIwatchnext on social media, where people share what they’ve recently finished watching (or binging) and ask for new show recommendations. I’ve compiled my personal suggestions for series to check out, and included some friends’ recommendations. And because everyone has different tastes, I’ve categorized them by genre!

Reality: The Bachelorette

This is my first season ever watching the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise. I had heard about this season’s Bachelorette, Rachel, and was excited about her being the first African-American bachelorette. The show is full of drama of course, but it’s nice to see Rachel have a calm head through it. I love watching with my friends and roommates because we love to yell at or root for the contestants (I’m team Peter). If you haven’t already, grab some friends and catch up!

Fantasy: Still Star Crossed

The new show, Still Star Crossed, comes on right after The Bachelorette. It is a continuation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, and furthers the story of Verona after the deaths of the infamous star crossed lovers. In order to restore peace, the King orders the marriage of another Montague and Capulet. If you ever wondered about what could've happened after Romeo and Juliet, this show will satisfy your intrigue.

Drama: Sense8

A favorite of Gina, this Netflix series features 8 different characters whose lives are intertwined through a shared 6th sense. Each character adds a diverse plot line and life perspective so that you'll never grow bored. It was recently cancelled by Netflix, but because of the overwhelming response from fans, it has been given a two-hour finale. Be prepared to binge watch the entire series if you start watching.

Thriller: The Handmaid’s Tale

If you are like me and get easily spooked- don’t watch this show. But if you love creepy, twisted plots and haven’t already seen this show, now is the time. This show on Hulu, based on a novel, is perfect for those who love dystopian themes. It has received a lot of well-deserved praise. It’s well written, and will satisfy your love for suspense.

Mini-Series: Big Little Lies

I like this show because it combines a Sex in the City/Desperate Housewives setting, suspense, and female empowerment. The plot is centered around three women who live in an upper middle class town, and takes a turn for the worse when someone is mysteriously murdered. It features amazing actresses Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, and Shailene Woodley, and takes place in the beautiful town of Monterey, California. It’s great if you want a series you can quickly binge from beginning to end.

Comedy: Unbreakable Jimmie Schmidt

This sitcom, created and written by the amazing Tina Fey, is laugh out loud goofy, with adorable characters you can’t help rooting for. I love watching it with friends because we’re able to create so many inside jokes from it. It’s the perfect show to watch if you just need a pick-me-up.

Game Show- Celebrity Family Feud

I love Family Feud in general, but my favorite time is when they have a season of celebrity Family Feud in the summer. I watch it with my family as we play along and try to guess what the “survey said.” Steve Harvey is a hilarious host, especially when he makes fun of the celebrity’s answers, and I usually find myself laughing out loud throughout the whole show.

Throwback: One Tree Hill

One Tree Hill is a 2000s classic. However, now I love watching it on Netflix. From love triangles and car accidents, to teen marriage, this show will have you addicted to the crazy plot lines. However, it will also give you a feel-good feeling about the special, strong relationships between the characters.

What are your favorite TV shows to watch? Let us know in the comments!