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Fashion Tricks: The Bra Alternative For You

Posted by Hannah Bezdek on

What kind of bra do you wear with an open-back shirt? How do you hem jeans in a hurry? What's the best product to use to remove makeup from clothes?

We all find ourselves in a stitch sometimes (see what I did there?). We’re in a hurry—and OF COURSE something goes wrong with our outfit. You’ve already tried on numerous looks and finally found the right one. Don’t worry! Here’s a list of fashion hacks to help you look like the flawless fashionista you are.

Remember when a visible bra was a fashion faux pas? Nothing kills an amazing outfit more than a bra showing. I know, I know. Everyone wears bras; it’s not a secret. But when it shows, the bra becomes the outfit. We don’t notice the flirty detailing of the shirt—just that nude bra you’re wearing.

“Sticky Boobs”

We all hate regular bras. The underwire, the straps, the back. Nothing feels better than taking off your bra after a long day—or just two hours. You know the feeling. But what if there was a bra that was invisible, painless, and non-restricting? This is where “sticky boobs” come in. Formally known as adhesive bras, this invisible bra is your new best friend. From sizes A-DD in white, black, or beige, there’s a size and color for everyone. You can find versions of these adhesive bras anywhere from Target to Walmart to Nordstrom. This bra provides enough support and withstands multiple uses!

This bra works great with these looks: (Added bonus: you can purchase these amazing looks on our website!)

We The Free Amelia Sapphire T-Strap Tank

Berry V-Neck Semi-Formal Dress

Nipple Covers

Perhaps the shirt is too thin, the cut is asymmetrical, or maybe the shirt has a deep v. Let me introduce you to Hollywood Fashion Secrets’ Silicone Coverups. For just under $20, these nipple covers can be worn up to 25 times! They’re perfect for tops and dresses that might not work with traditional sticky boobs.

This option works best with a look like this:

Summer Sunset Cut Out Romper

Bandeau Bras

No adhesive backing, just some good ole' fabric and padding: welcome the bandeau bra. Imagine the strapless bra without the clasp. The bandeau is the grown-up version of those “built in bras” in your old Limited Too tank tops. This bra not only provides support without annoying bra straps, but it also gives a little flare to your dress or blouse. This bandeau by Aerie comes with lace detailing. Or stick with a classic nude, black, or white bandeau like this one from Nordstrom. It is a staple every woman should have in her closet.

Pair a lace bandeau to add some attitude to your outfit, like we did with this Free People dress:

Free People Pumpkin Orange Sundress


Whether it's a fun detailed neckline or a peek of lace underneath your outfit, bralettes are sure to add a flirty edge to any look! This halter bra provides ample support AND looks great with every shirt and dress in your closet, especially since you can find these in almost every color. Urban Outfitters and Free People are the Queens of bralette world. They have many styles and colors to choose from! Some bralettes come padded (an added bonus, I know!) and some do not. If you’re looking for some extra coverage, just add some sticky boobs!

Pair a fun, cross neck bralette with a deep V-neck romper like this!

Diamond Eye Burgundy Tribal Print Romper

Bras are a necessity, but luckily with these options, they are no longer a burden!