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Top 5 Latest Hair Styles for Women!

Posted by Carly Slifka on

Hair is important to us women, it makes us feel beautiful and confident. When we’re having a bad hair day, we simply do not feel our best. Here are some popular hair coloring tips that will brighten your style and help your hair stand out.

Balayage coloring

This French technique is the latest dye trend to gain international popularity. The overall result is soft, natural-looking highlights that look more modern than traditional coloring methods. The difference between Balayage and your typical highlight treatment is that there is no foil involved! This technique is painted on freehand by the stylist, so the result will always be unique. This look can be performed on a variety of hair lengths, textures, and colors. Most women are drawn towards this style because it is low maintenance and lasts up to four months between color treatments.

Ombré coloring

This hairstyle is a transition to a lighter shade from a darker shade. In my opinion, ombrés work best on brunettes because it’s more of a natural look, a sombré is what we would see on blondes. The color variation is much more transitional, unlike the ombré. To me, the ombré look is for daring girls since the style it is definitely more noticeable and requires more maintenance. Ombré is done by color blocking the hair into three or so segments, starting with the natural roots on top. While the ombré is a beautiful look, it can vary drastically depending on the stylist, so make sure you chose the right person!

Soft roots

If you're in search of the latest hair style that's not going to require maintenance every six weeks, consider the soft roots trend. This method reduces the line of your hair's regrowth and minimizes the overall appearance of grown-out roots. This also allows our hair to take a break from all the products we used to dye it all the time. Soft roots can work with any hair technique, as well as helping your hair slowly get rid of previous coloring.

Rose Gold Hair

This style is the newest cool-girl hair color trend to blow up all over Instagram and I can't stop staring. While this color is popular, not everyone can it off. The rose gold shade works best for those with a fair complexion, pink undertones to their skin and hair that naturally has red tones. Because rose gold is a light shade, it's much easier to create on those who have blonde hair. Brunettes can do it as well, but it’s definitely more of a risk. Before you attempt this trendy look, I would consult with trusted friends to see if they think you could pull it off.

Icy Blonde Bob

Not only is the icy blonde color becoming popular this year, but also having a bob haircut complements this style even more. This is the anticipated summer look, considering Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, and Jennifer Lawrence have all tested it out. Whether you rock it curly, straight, wavy, or with a little bit of grown-in roots, this ultra-light white shade looks simultaneously elegant and edgy.